Tick Tock Shield Kit, please help with

Is there a solution to this problem:
after long searching, why display not working, i found, that
my 7segment 4digit display sm56425bsr3(that was in the package tick tock shield(04/03/2013)) is common cathode,

and signals from TM1636 are for common anode display.

how to reprogram tm1636 or something else, to make display working?
PS(i have bought it long ago and only now have time to play with it)

To solve your problem please replace this function in TTSDisplay.cpp

const uchar TubeTab[] =
with the following code

const uchar TubeTab[] =

Let me know if it works

Thank you.

Thank you kavi,
but where the TTSDisplay.cpp is?
i guess my ticktock examples should some how reference it, but i can’t find any ref and also can’t find file TTSDisplay.cpp in my ardunio installation and tick tock libraries…


probably i should play with version 2 tick tock shield…thanks

kavi, i try that, but unsucsessful.
common cathode display show nothing. absolutely.

i have bought common anode display - with your patch it shows
rubbish, with original TubeTab[] it works perfectly.

i am interested in correct patch if any…
thanks in all events.


TTS display.cpp is in the github.

This logic did not work because of TM1636 IC but there are other drivers which supports the logic i suggested.

Its better you use common anode display and try the new libraries and examples.

Thank you

yes kavi,
i reinstall arduino 1.6 (i have 1.0.5 before that),
and new tick tock shield,

locate file TTSDisplay.cpp and patch it as you mention.

as i see, that my new display show something, and old one - nothing(but for sure it good) i guess that common anode shematics still exist on the board after your patch.

(if i rotate my old display by 180 - it also show some rubbish)

Yes I referred the datasheet of TM1636 which does not support reverse logic.Thanks for your patience and replies.