Tick Tock Shield and Arduino Mega 2560


I am trying to run this wonderful shield in a arduino mega 2560…

My problem is with the clock, only shows 45:-05 (points are blinking normal) and temperatures seems to work fine.

Load the RealTimeClock example in arduino 1.0.5.
Board is Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK

I can compile and upload perfectly.

I can enter in menu pressing (very fast) K3… When I press UP to hours, It shows numbers higher than 24 and press DOWN, shows real hours numbers.

When I finish the setup, return to clock 45:-05.

Is there a special config to using with mega?

Thanks a lot!


Okay… the problem is:

•Add jumper wire from SDA or Analog Pin 4 on shield to pin 20 on Mega board.
•Add jumper wire from SCL or Analog Pin 5 on shield to pin 21 on Mega board.