Thoughts on SeeeduinoFilm

hey, just received my SeeduinoFilm today.

overall quality looks very good. powered up fine, however it was sending “test failed =>0” repetitively over the serial. could I be enlightened as to what this was testing.

I prevailed, but the arduino IDE didn’t want to program it. I went ahead and successfully re-flashed it with my avrispmkII. still didn’t work, also wasn’t showing up with the programmer now. after much head scratching I realised that it had flashed the fuse bits aswell, so I soldered on a 8Mhz resonator and now we’re in business. I’m saying this so others don’t face the same problems.

Also there are some disappointing aspects of the schematic. Firstly I think the Power FRAME should include a voltage divider connected to the battery and an ADC pin so we can measure the battery voltage. Secondly connecting the CHG pin on the MAX1555 to an INT pin would be handy.

Lastly some example code, even just the code that it ships with would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes, return 0 from the Serial is right situation, we test it with extra module.
And every one is well tested before shipping.
concerning Programming:
USB to TTL Serial device needed like:(available soon, under producing now)
and DTR need connect well, for auto reset while upload sketch from Arduino IDE.
Please reburn the Arduino_Pro_168_bootloder.HEX, and reburn the Fuse to your Film, fuse setting as:
Everything is OK?
yes–> select “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8 MHz) w/ ATmega168” in Arduino IDE to upload your sketch.

I am sorry, the battery voltage and CHG status cannot access at this moment, but will be improved in the future version.

all the best

Thanks for the reply.

I programmed a slightly modified pro_8Mhz to it, so it supports 57600 baud. and edited the boards.txt arduino IDE file to match.

The bootloader probably worked when I got it, I believe that my serial pins weren’t making a solid connection.I now have a set of headers soldered on and I am using mt Sparkfun basic FTDI to program it. also The standard 6pin ISP footprint is very nice, made it easy to reburn the bootloader.

Can’t wait to see where this technology will lead. :smiley: