Thermal paste Issue! Lost all video. Bios reset no help ODYSSEY X86J4105

Lost all video bios reset makes no difference. Powere light and nic seem to become active but no video what so ever.

Is there a way to use a usb to serial adapter to get into this thing without the video working?

Is there any support from this place?

My experience with these boards are that they are good in theory but these 2 probably should not have passed QC “Quality Control”.

Is there any support for this?

I have now attempted to get video with a good known external GFX card with an m.2 adapter and that fails to post video also.

Hello, please provide your product number so that we can check the product service.

ODYSSEY - X86J4105864 Most expandable Win10 Mini PC (Linux and Arduino Core) with 8GB RAM + 64GB eMMC

I was ready to dump this into the e-waste bin and decided to take one last look at it. I pulled the heat sync and noticed a gross amount of heat transfer paste. I cleaned up this mess and did a proper clean application after not seeing anything noticeably burned. Put the unit back together and it seems to be working again. The fan now cycles off more and is not on most of the time unless the unit is streaming video. Previous to this the video would cut in and out at times but now the video is steadily on no more annoying flicker to black screen. FYI also video performance is much improved in our security software app from unify as previously the unit had difficulty playing more than 4 cameras and with 4 performance was not good and would lag. Now the unit seems to play the default 8 camera screen with no noticeable issue. I can only assume that the cpu was constantly overheating from day one up until I replace the heat paste mess.

Seems there is still some issue here with the sound which seems to be degrading over the last day. Cracking and popping. It is extremely annoying.

In view of your problem, we suggest that you directly contact the technical support mailbox to solve it. If it is determined that it is a product quality problem, there will be customer service to help you return or repair the product.

OK thanks for the feed back.

Oh, thank you very much, I was interested in a similar question, but this thread helped a lot.