There is no response when I say "snowboy" to my Respeaker 4MIC hats

When I run “”, it will give me a response that ends with these two lines of codes:

</s>INFO:avs.alexa:status code: 204 INFO:avs.alexa:on_ready<e>

However, even though I says “snowboy” or anything else, I get no response both in my headphone and in the command line.

Could anyone do me a favour and give me some advice on what I can do to fix it?

Hi there,

does the arecord and aplay commands work well? coz the screen keeps no change. we suspect the record related issue.

  1. please try alexa-tap. Wait until you see on_ready in the log printing. Press Enter key of your computer and talk to Alexa(Only support English now).

  2. If it does not work, you also can run RECORDER=pyaudio alexa-tap will use pyaudio as the recorder. By default, arecord is used as the recorder. you also can refer to for more info.

  3. if both of them do not work, we create an image with integrated solutions. you can download the image and then run the commands and see if it solves the issue. thanks.

    <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 13&lang=en”></LINK_TEXT>