The WiFiSmartConfig application cannot find Wio terminal

I tried using the WiFiSmartConfig example from the Seeed_Arduino_atWiFi library to configure WiFi through an Android application. I downloaded several applications but none can find the Wio Terminal to configure it. Which application should I use? Is there any help on this example?

Wio Terminal has a screen with buttons. You can draw a virtual keyboard on the screen to configure the network.Currently the software does not support WifismartConfig. I believe the virtual keyboard is better and more stable than wifismartconfig. @Gianfry60

Hi @ Baozhu, do you happen to have a library or sample code for the virtual keyboard and maybe it stores the access point data on flash? Or can you tell me the link if it already exists on the site?
You will be very grateful I am still a beginner

This requirement is important, and we’ll provide a demo of it as soon as possible.

Thanks @Baozhu, there is a beautiful library for ESP8266 or ESP32 that allows you to create a configuration portal with custom parameters and parameters for the access point that I indicate below. Unfortunately, with the Wio Terminal it doesn’t work because it uses libraries for arduino and ESP32 or ESP8266. It would be great if you could adapt them to be able to use it with Wio Terminal. I have made several projects that one this library and if I could port on the Wio terminal I would convert these products with this.
Now we should do a pre-production of 10 pieces for a project that foresees a second short of 40 pieces and then go into distribution I would like to use the Wio Terminal but to date rewriting the whole configuration portal would take me too long would be magnificent if with your help I could use the IotWebconfig library and this perhaps could be very useful to you too.
Keep me updated if this is possible.

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@Gianfry60 Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider supporting this software library as soon as possible.

Thanks @Baozhu, I look forward hopefully