The LPWAN Asset Tracker Dev kit

Which is better… Amizon Sidewalk Version or LORA version?

Are these devices the same? some say you can switch to Amizon Sidewalk thru software update?

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I’m not a FAN, seems to me a Half step :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Relying on an ever changing AMS , the sidewalk stuff I don’t think is supported anymore, switching isn’t as easy as you would think, I may be wrong. The lora one is “OK” but needs a LORA wan infrastructure to be useful IMO. Ok for locating the Tractor on a LORA farm or something. not a real solution.

Seed just cut to the chase Already… :face_with_peeking_eye:

XIAO IOT NOW!!! LTE-m or IOT get something out instead of reskinning the current weak offerings.

Nordic and Google are doing “FIND my Device” NOW! making tracking a BLE beacon WAY better than any of this toy stuff. This means Anyone using the NRF52840 MCU can have inherent tracking just by adding the code and API key for say Google maps.
Now that’s a Solution. to real TRACKING.
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i am thinking of getting one or the other , in conjunction with a gateway…
it looks like the same device as

only that device is sealed production

I keep making THE VERY WRONG DECISION to buy these toys and then investigate the software… instead of the other way around… What Da?

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Yea, It’s worth a try if you have a use case, I have a hunch it doesn’t work like the marketing suggest.
I’m sure you will let us know. It must switch mode by itself, Going Indoors , loses GPS connects with BLE ? or Wifi, then the reverse going outside. You need so much other stuff in the environment to be effective IMO. Is the juice worth the squeeze? jury still out.
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I am hoping atleast it is a Nrf52 with onboard GPS and Lora… that should be something

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