The latest version v2.5e of DSO nano has released! [Update!]

The latest version v2.5e of DSO nano source code has released! Please see DSO nano fireware source code v2.5e for IAR v4.0 is tested using IAR v4.0, because the IAR v5.0 compiled file will failed in fireware upgrade . I have also uploaded the new dfu file. Welcome everybody to use. Sorry for the trouble.

So… what’s new in 2.5? :slight_smile:

and a binary please :confused:

The file Readme contains the new features in v2.5 .

Can’t find a Readme file, Oh you mean the main.c file? And binary file then? This one in here?
The “Debug_FLASH” sounds scary :frowning:

Yes,main.c contains the new features. Dso nano v2.5e.dfu is the newest firmware.

I tried the dfu file on my nano 201 and it didn’t work, all I got was a blank bright screen, did I do something wrong? I replaced Pauls version 1.5 and it ran ok afterwards so I have the right upgrade process. The V2.5 dfu file was 26k and yet all the earlier versions I have seen appear to be larger.

Could it be that I need to upgrade the lib first?

If so, how do I make a lib.dfu file from the supplied firmware sources? I have managed to compile the app source in IAR4 and replicate the app.dfu file already.

Hi pwdixon,

What is the version of your DSO nano? Is it the latest one?

Thanks for the reply and the upgrade Jerry

My Nano is a DSO nano 201 with a pcb V1.5C_MB with e_Design on the back of the case, it’s not one of the new ones with the buttons in a single vertical column, I bought it on Ebay, that was before I found out that not all Nanos are not necessarily the same, had I realised I would have paid a bit more and bought the official Seeed version to be sure that there won’t be any compatibility problems.

I have got version 2.5 working now all it needed was the lib.dfu loaded before the app.dfu, I used lib v2.2.

The overall colour scheme of version 2.5 doesn’t look as visually appealing as Paul’s V1.5 as there doesn’t seem to be much use of colour variations but I’m more interested in what the differences in behaviour and functionality to be honest.

I have managed to rebuild the v2.5 code using IAR4 but would like to know more about what the lib is providing, is that a separate build of another set of sources?

Hi, when I try to open the latest firmware source with IAR 4.0, i get an error, like: the DSO APP project was created with a newer version of IAR.

also, I installed IAR 5.4 and, compiled the code fine, but I have error when I upgrade.

Thanks for any kind of help.

I got the IAR4 to work with the IAR4 source code

Yes!, yesterday I got it working.

I am developing a new firmware, I will post it in this forum when it’s ready.

I’ve got the v2.5e code compiling and working on IAR5.5
In order to get it working a new linker configuration file is needed.
This file determines where the code is put when downloading to the device.
I made this file and called it: dso_nano_cortex.icf
It can be placed in: \DSO Nano firmware source code v2.5e\DS0201\DS0201_APP_V2.50\project\EWARM contains the dso_nano_cortex.icf file contains a jpg image of the linker setup of IAR5

Now you only have to change the stm32f10x_vector.c file (as was posted before).

//void __program_start( void ); //this is for IARv4
void __iar_program_start( void );// this if for IARv5

//#pragma location = “INTVEC” // this is for IARv4
#pragma location = “.intvec” // this is for IARv5

/* STM32F10x Vector Table entries */
const intvec_elem __vector_table[] =
{ .__ptr = __sfe( “CSTACK” ) },
__iar_program_start, //this is for IARv5

When you follow these steps you will end up with a working version.
Hopes this helps.

Kind regards,
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