The Grove – Doppler Radar BGT24LTR11

I’m trying to count the number of vehicols passing on a road, but the sensor’s measurements are always different. If is passing a big vehicol, the sensor counts more than one time, and sometimes if there is a normal car, the sensor doesn’t count it maibe because the speed is very high. Moreover I can’t understand what is the conversion between the speed set with the function ‘setSpeedScope’ and the real speed and which is the maximum speed the sensor can detect. I need support. Thank you in advice.

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The working principle of this product is that when the electromagnetic radiation wave contacts an object, it will be returned to the receiver. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this product as a counting tool.
The data returned by this product is in the form of data frames, so it needs to be converted into actual velocity values using a formula. The maximum speed provided in the user manual is 521 cm/s, and the minimum speed is 259 cm/s. You can also use command frames to check the current speed range being detected.

I have tried measuring speed on a car moving almost at 45 km/h, and I was able to detect it. If the speed is higher, I can’t detect it. Could it be a limit of the sensor or have I to set some others parameters?

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You may need to use the above data frame to try to change your speed detection range

Can you recommend me another sensor for counting the number of cars passing on a road?

I think image processing will be a better approach for vehicle counting projects like this. You can use a Raspberry pi and the OPenCV library.