The difference between regions in LTE Cat-1

Hi, I am researching a IoT technologies, more specifically the communication protocols available. I noticed there are available LTE Cat-1 modems set up specifically for different regions: us, eu, etc. The bandwidths of these regions more or less overlap. But europe has an addition of 2G fallback. My question is: can a single device be used for all regions? The fact that they are sold by regions is it a hardware or software (firmware) issue e.g. if “European” device was to have the 2G fall back disactivated (if that’s even possible) could it be used in us and eu?


Yes, a single device with an LTE Cat-1 modem can potentially be used in multiple regions, but it depends on the specific device’s hardware and firmware capabilities. The regional categorization and differences in fallback technologies are usually due to regulatory requirements, carrier support, and network infrastructure variations in different regions.