The Bus Pirate

I just noticed the two Bus Pirate PCBs. Do you have those available already assembled?
Or know where I can find it in Shenzhen?
BTW, what’s the differenec between the 2 boards? The black one seems more compressed.

i think the fundamental difference is the v2 has external power but the go uses usb power.

you can get through hole kits, assembled and not at fundamental logic but its bigger. and assembling the parts are half the fun.

as far as finding it in Shenzhen, i cannot help you there.

thanks atomriot,

hm, the kit they sell at fundamental logic doesnt seem the same, seems the older version with rs232… v2 is usb, it seems.

looks like a fun proyect, i’ll try to find the parts and assemble it, if i manage to find the parts i’ll buy the board (which looks very cool also, like all seeedstudio boards)

i think the biggest difference is its PTH and not all of the SMD IC’s on the SMD version have PTH versions like the USB serial chip.

SMD isnt too bad to learn, i started with getting some failed or cheap pcb’s with smd and try on those. i know sparkfun has board they sell for 25 cents that are just printed or turned out wrong so you can try on those. Im sure you can find similar around Shenzhen.

Yeah that’s a great way to learn, got some old modems around or sound cards, etc practice on them. SMD isn’t hard, I solder down to 0604 (that’s about as small as a grain of rice) with no issues at all. Get a pair of tweezers and the key to SMD is flux make sure you use it!