The best firmware to use and very slow response for low freq

Hi all

Just used my new DSO Quad today for the first time and I wonder if anyone can help.

I see notes about alternative firmware (Benf, Community edition etc.). Does anyone consider one of these to be significantly better than the default firmware. I have HW 2.70, Sys 1.52 and App (Plus A1) V1.06).

Secondly I am having a bit of a weird problem. I am no expert with scopes although I have owned a couple many years ago however I am testing a 555 based timer circuit running at fairly low frequencies (say 50 to 3000 Hz). With a low speed timebase the DSO takes ages (maybe 10 seconds) to respond to changes in frequency etc.

I can replicate this with the inbuilt signal generator conncted using the probes to ChA. Set Signal Generator to Square wave, 50Hz and then change the timebase on ChA to 10mS, Change to 20mS and the display takes about 7 or 8 seconds to respond, change to 100mS and it takes almost 20 seconds to update and so on.

Is this normal or am I just being dumb?

Lastly, if I try to put the DSO into upgrade mode by switching on with the Run/Hold button pressed, the device does not appear in my list of drives in Windows 8 64 bit. It appears fine when running normally just not when it is in upgrade mode. Also, when in upgrade mode the screen dims when I connect the USB cable …

Thanks anyone for any input.


Oops, sorted the USB issue, the cable supplied was the cause of the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

Many thanks


The slow response is caused because by default it is using a 4096 sample buffer and the screen is refreshed only when that fills. So at slow time bases it can take a while to fill the buffer.

If you are using the community app then you can toggle between a long buffer and a short buffer by pressing the right hand toggle. With short buffer the screen refresh will be much faster but obviously you then lose the ability to horizontally scroll through a larger capture window.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but how do I know if I am running the community edition and if not then how do I get it?

Thanks once again.


When you first turn on the DSO the first splash screen will say Community edition if you are running it. Its only there briefly so you have to be quick.

Unless you have loaded it yourself or got the DSO from another user then it will almost certainly have the Seeed standard software. The community software is much better in my opinion.

To load it check out the community thread on this forum. The OP points to the files you need. The latest version is 1.29

My apologies for not thanking you for your assistance, it was very much appreciated.