The BenF appreciation thread..

Will keep this brief.

Thnx for kicking this to a new level, gigantic analog scope is collecting dust in storage thanks to u :slight_smile:

Add me to the list of those who appreciate BenF’s efforts and excellent results.

Add me to the list.

A++++++ contributor. Would use again. (Fast shipping?)

I send my thanks, also. This firmware makes a huge improvement in Nano (v2) usability.

Count Seeed Studio in… :slight_smile:
Maybe we could produce a batch with BenF’s name on it? Or anything else we can host?

Add me in!

Thanks BenF!

Benf, you’re great!!!

great job, both the sw and the fact that you managed to open-source it :slight_smile:

If it is open source, where can I download the source code of newer versions than 3.0???

thanks BenF.

Thanks BenF for your great work.
It would be even greater if you could also make the more recent versions open source, that way we could make it better as a joint effort.

Yes, thank you very much BenF! Without your contributions I would probably not use my nano as much as I do because you made it fun to use!
I hope you will be working on the quad firmware in the future and bring it to the same BenF standard :slight_smile: I guess you have a good starting point now which you can adapt to support the quad. You are a expert on UI so I think you will sort the extra channels out very nice :slight_smile:
And I also wish for more open source collaboration so others can hack on FFT for example with your latest enhancements.

One big Thanks from me also!

This is the first time I write in a thread of this forum, but I read the news almost every day, and could not be less than congratulate and thank for Benf for all your effort and dedication.


Many many many THANK YOUs!!! :smiley:

I hope you always get the same good luck we all had stumbling on your work BenF !

After all the many hours you must have spent working on your version of the firmware to improve my DSO nano V2, the least I can do is take a moment to thank you sincerely for your fine contribution. Well done!


Dear friends,

Unfortunately DSO nano V3 with Internal memory(without SDCARD slot) will not support by BenF firmware as soon as.

maybe late, but managed to get the BenF on the MiniDSO 201

a BIG thanks to BenF and the helping hands

best regards