The B button

Hi, my 1st time here. I rescently got my DSO Nano and I have already found it very useful.
The manual says that the B button is for quick functions (whatever that is?).
When I press it nothing happens.
I have LIB v2.22 and APP v2.40.

Found it…

Mine came in a green box – and the instructions are in white on green. VERY difficult to read, but with a pair of illuminated magnifying glasses, I was able to make things out. Then I found the manual here (much easier to read!): … Manual.pdf

I probably knew this at one point, but it had been a while since I’d used mine.

Anyway, the ‘B’ button is a shift – you hold it, and press up/down to increase/decrease voltage range, and press left/right to do the same for time range.

I wasn’t, however, able to locate the firmware loader. ST Microelectronics seems to have reorganized their site.