The amallest and the thinest battery connector for Xiao ESP32C3

Hello! I’m currently developing a miniature prototype and I’m in need of the thinnest connector available for soldering Li-Pol batteries to the battery pads located on the back of the Xiao ESP32. It is essential for me to have the option of replacing the battery. Could you kindly provide me with some recommendations on readily available solutions that I can purchase and utilize for this purpose?

I think you can consider JST conenctors.

I always look at Matts site for connector 411. :grinning:

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This is the smallest one I have used, BTW, checkout the PCB I did, pics on here

Thank you a lot! Can you share PCB pics you mentioned?

Absolutely YOU :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can… Use the magnifier up in the corner " Xiao PCB" should help you. , LOL
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I’m on Rev 4.2, I think on that PCB already but working on another project takes allot of the free time. I love the Black PCB and and RED is close second.

CN1 is smallest

I was coincidentally shopping for batteries recently and learned that TinyCircuits’ LiPos come with JST SH connectors — otherwise LiPos often come with JST PH connectors, which are larger.

In case that helps!

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For soldering Li-Pol batteries to the battery pads on the Xiao ESP32, one readily available and thin connector option JST PH connector. The JST PH connector is known for its small size and low profile, making it suitable for compact applications. It consists of a male and female connector with crimped pins, providing a reliable electrical connection. These connectors are commonly used in the electronics industry and can be easily sourced from various suppliers, both online and at local electronics stores.

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You can solder a SMD connector like this directly if you want or go with the wire ends soldered to it.
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wire ends too