TFTv2 Library Won't Compile

Tried compiling the drawNumber.ino and text.ino sketches included with subject library provided by Seeed for 2.8 TFT V2 Touch Screen. Using Arduino IDE 1.0.5-r2 running on Windows 7 received the following error compiling message:
TFTv2\TFTv2.cpp.o: In function ‘TFT::drawChar(unsigned char, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)’:
C:\Users\Dragon\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TFTv2/TFTv2.cpp:284:undefined reference to ‘simpleFont’
C:\Users\Dragon\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TFTv2/TFTv2.cpp:284:undefined reference to ‘simpleFont’
Any ideas? Does anyone know what I’ve done incorrectly? Thanks.

sound strange! I had a tried but no such error. Do you download the code here:

Yes, I downloaded the libraries from:, just as you wrote. Deleted and downloaded files several times to eliminate any possible download/zip extract errors.
Other poster here thought error might be related to my use of Win7, he was using Mac.
Any other ideas?

Thanks for response.

when extract the zip file, you can find the folder name include “-master”, did you delete this string?

You have found my error. I had transferred only the TFTv2.cpp, TFTv2.h, keyword.txt, and the examples folder. I failed to copy the file font.c. I included all files from the -master folder in the library this time. Now the example text.ino runs as intended.
I’m learning everyday.
Thank you for your response.

dear James, It’s my pleasure. :laughing: