TFT V2.0 SHIELD , Pinout NAMES .

Hy Seeed Studio Community ,

I bought a 2.8" TFT LCD on an SeeedStudio Shield ( V2.0 / ILI9341 ), and would like to know the reference PIN for this one .

I found , after couple of hours these pin names , but I don’t Find any information about Pin 0,1,2,3,8 and 9 .
And why are AREF and Vin Connected ? Are they used by the LCD ? ( I don’t see if they are connected on any signal on the PCB so I ask :slight_smile: )

Is there anybody could Help me to find them ?

Here What I found :

Pin           =>     Description
4             =>    TF_CS, SD card select input pin ( testing if card present or not )
5             =>    TFT_CS, TFT chip select input pin
6             =>    TFT_D/C, TFT Data/Command control pin
7             =>    BACKLIGHT, TFT backlight control pin
10            =>   SPI chip select
11            =>   SPI data pin
12            =>   SPI data pin
13            =>   SPI serial clock pin
A0            => Touch Screen Y- input pin.
A1            => Touch Screen X- input pin.
A2            => Touch Screen Y+ input pin.
A3            => Touch Screen X+ input pin.

Thanks in advance .

I want to know them also.


Thank you for purchasing the TFT Shield. Have you seen the EAGLE schematic and board files mentioned in Wiki->TFT Touch Shield v2.0

Let me know if you need any other clarification. Thanks

Have you got a PDF of the schema ?

And also, I need a “fake shield” in order to use other arduino pins ? I mean, seeing potos i doubt that I could put athing in the unused arduino pins, couldn’t I ?

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I have uploaded the PDF schematic to wiki. Please check.

TFT Shiled must be the top most shield and you could use Base Shield V2 to access pins not used by TFT.


Where can I find the manufacturers part list for the TFT V2.0 Shield ?


We do not have a separate manufacturers part list .
You could generate a BOM from Eagle CAD files.