TFT TouchScreen v1.0 Arduino Uno Help!

Hello! I need some help with my new TFT Touchscreen v1.0. I got It from RadioShack and I have uploaded some basic stuff to it such as circles, rectangles, and non-touchscreen things like that. Now, I downloaded some Libraries to my Arduino IDE. And I jumped to the new code, touchscreendemo, and when I upload it, it gives me an error ‘Point’ was not declared in this scope. Please help, I have no Idea what I am doing. CODE: m/Hd7ccEgA

Hey Willam try TSPoint. Can’t remember where i found that, sorry.

Hi Im in the same boat don’t know the coding. you would think the example sketches would work without having to trouble shoot them. did you ever get it to work? i tried the TSpoint and the basic sketches inside the IDE and all i get is compiling errors and i dont know enough to find the problems. the TFT lights up when you plug it in onr the uno. thats all i can get it to doo besides hold down paper

I keep this comment in all my TFT codes, hope it helps!

void loop()
  // a point object holds x y and z coordinates.
  Point p = ts.getPoint();
  //^ERROR??? If it says "Point" change it to "TSPoint" and Vise/Versa