TFT touch shield V2.0


I have a TFT touch shield V2.0
Is there the possibilities to use TEXT DIRECTION like on the V1.0
and can i make my own FONTS because the fonts standard are to fat for me

Thx Peter


  1. Actually, TFT Touch Shield v2.0 has the function of change text direction, as you know, the control IC is different from v1.0, and we had no yet to make some research on it! But you have my word that we will solve it asap. :wink: , or you can find tips in the datasheet! :slight_smile:

  2. Of curse, you can ues your own font! (I think the font of v2.0 is ugly ! :laughing: ), and I had ever to change it to someother fonts! You can see there is a font.c in the library of tft touch shield v2.0, just modified it!

cheers~ If want more details~ please feel free to contract me !

Thx for the fast replay

I managed to change the font model but how to change the size the dots to makes te fonts thinner
The font now are 8 on 8 dots, can i make them 16 on 16

So yes how?

thx for the explonation