TFT Touch Shield V2.0 and Arduino Proto Shield

This shield does not work with the Arduino Proto Shield as one would expect. I found it necessary to pick up signals that should be on digital pins 13, 12, and 11 on the TFT Touch shield by patching the appropriate pins off the Proto shield to the ICSP connector on the TFT Touch shield. After accomplishing the patch the TFT Touch Shield functioned as it should.

Here is the “patch” information. I made it with 20ga solid hook up wire and simply plugged the ICSP end of the 3 wires into the ICSP connector on the TFT Touch Shield.

pin 11 (MOSI) on the PROTO Shield to ICSP pin 4 on the TFT Touch Screen Shield.
pin 12 (MISO) on the PROTO Shield to ICSP pin 1 on the TFT Touch Screen Shield.
pin 13 (SCK) on the PROTO Shield to ICSP pin 3 on the TFT Touch Screen Shield.

hi,our TFT shield might not compatible for all other shields,especially externally products. So if some examples like that, please post it on our forum for sharing.

all i get is a white screen. i upload the example code into the uno, plug in the touch shield and i get white light. any help would be great.

wesley, if you are using the TFT Touch Shield V2.0 with the Arduino Proto Shield, you will have to make the patch in my first post. You can check out the TFT Touch Shield V2.0 by plugging it directly into the UNO and running the example code. The patch is only necessary when using the Touch Shield with the Proto shield. Using the proto shield without making the three wire patches will result in just a white screen, basically no data, just the backlight.

sorry, its the TFT Touch Shield v1.0

OK, then that is a problem. The version 1.0 shield uses a lot more of the digital pins passing information to the touch shield via an 8 bit parallel interface. I wqs not able to use it on my project at all as there were not pins available for my interface to the outside world and I also needed the SDCard to do datalogging and the version 1.0 touch shield and the SD shield had conflicts and would not work together. The version 2.0 shield with its built-in microSDcard was the answer.

I had 3 solder jumpers on the back of my shield (v2.0) that allow you to bridge the ICSP pins to the Arduino UNO compatible pins on the sides of the shield. This is detailed in the schematic too…

Did you solder the jumpers on the back of the Version 2.0 shield or was it delivered with the jumpers in place?

I solder them myself after looking at the schematic and the track layouts. Works fine on my mega too, you just have to remember that you can not use IOs 11, 12 and 13 for anything else.

Very good! I though maybe Seeed Studio had made an engineering change. When you look at the schematic you will see that pins 11, 12, and 13 are hard wired to the ICSP port on the micro processor board so when you enable SPI, you have lost the pins anyway.

I am experiencing this problem with an Arduino Uno, but I don’t quite understand how to fix this. Can you post a photo?