TFT Touch Shield V1.0 With A Pro Micro - Pinout - Sketch

Hey there! I want to know if anyone can help by telling me how to connect a V1.0 TFT to a Pro Micro. How can I define the pins I need to make it run?

I already downloaded the zip file containing the library. The thing is that the code provided at the wiki apparently only defines the Analog pins it needs for the touch screen but not with the MISO,SCK,MOSI, etc… Since the pin layout obviously changed from UNO, MEGA, Leonardo or Seeeduino to the Pro Micro is there a way I can define the pins?

If so how can I do that? The code only runs this: Tft.init(); //init TFT
It Is there where I need to change the pins?

I uploaded the code but I only get a white screen.