TFT 2.8 v2 and MEGA 2560

Hi 2 all guys, i’m having troubles sensing the touch on an Arduino Mega 2560 with SeedStudio TFT 2.8 v 2.0.
In fact the code works fine with UNO, but not with MEGA. It doesn’t sense the touch screen.

Is it there a change in pinouts ? in reference voltage ?

I init touchscreen with

TouchScreen ts = TouchScreen(17, A2, A1, 14); //init TouchScreen port pins

and reference with

analogReference (DEFAULT); 

or also
analogReference (INTERNAL1V1);

It doesn’t work in any case.

Somebody can help me ?


I am having the same problem. I changed the 17 to A3 and 57 to A0, it works but I don’t know if it is correct.