TFMini ERROR_SERIAL_NOHEADER 65535 cm sigstr: 65535

I have been tested the TFmini with WEMOS MINI PRO D (ESP Arquitecture), and suddenly, instead to show me distance, started to show this message:

TF Mini error: too many measurement attempts

Last error:


65535 cm sigstr: 65535

Do you know what can I do?, Do you have a code to reset o do something to fix it?. It’s hard to believe that software issue could damage forever the sensor.

This problem doesn’t happend with Arduinos?. In this thread they said the problem could be related to the Arduinos SerialSoftware library used with ESP, with problems at high baud rate (115000).



65535 stands for the light signal is less than the low limit. normally, it is caused by the far distance and low reflection objects, such as black object or smooth surface object.

do you have any info for ERROR_SERIAL_NOHEADER?