TF-Lunar Lidar Module Configuration

Hi All

I am using the TF-Lunar Lidar module with an Arduino Uno board and it works quite well.

The default Baud rate for the serial data is 115200 bps which works ok for the UART port on the Uno board, but is too fast for a software serial port.

So I would like to change the default serial Baud rate for the device.

The Product Manual is here: (

It lists configuration commands on Page 15 in Table 9, and I have been able to use most of the commands OK, but I don’t understand the command for setting the Baud Rate.

The command is shown as: Baud rate 5A 08 06 H1 H2 H3 H4 SU

What I don’t understand is what is required for the H1 H2 H3 H4 fields which are obviously used to specify the Baud rate.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi @tgillett
there exist a config code to set band rate in our github

Hi @tgillett:
this is datasheet about the luna-lidar.

Hi Hansen
Thank you for your replies and the links to GitHub and the Product Manual.
The Product Manual contains excellent detailed information for setting up the configuration.
Perhaps you could add that link to your product page ( along with the other document links.



Hi @tgillett:
yes, you can find it in our bazaar.