TETRIS (just for fun :-)

Hi guys!
It’s time to relax!

While my DSO not working properly (major issue is calibration) I make small tetris game.
Tested on SYS 1.50.
-Flash with standard procedure. Do not affect main DSO App.
-Start with POWERON+KEY3.
-Controls: KEY1 - left, KEY2 - rotate, KEY3 - down, KEY4 - right, < - pause.

This is 1st alpha, I’m not tested it hardly, but seems it works.
3APP_TET.hex.zip (49 KB)

Thanxs !!!

At least our DSO Quad will be useful for something :stuck_out_tongue:

I will give it a try.


This is fantastic!
Finally, the DSO is usable for something!


Just one bug, it seems the walls are transparent (if you try to go past the left or right wall it actually goes through, reappears on the other side and wreaks havoc :smiley: )

How i can remove this from DSO ?

Hi everyone.

Is the file for tetris gone?

Can somebody upload it again please?

Thanks a lot


I am interested in the tetris too :slight_smile:

Where can I download?