Testing Sensorboards


I just receive my rephone and wanted to play a bit.
So I hooked up everything and the module boots and I have the gui on the touchscreen.
So far so good :slight_smile:
After that I connected the basic shield and when I go to sensors, I don’t anything in the sensors tab.

anyone an idea how to check/fix this?

I had a similar problem and then I made sure to carefully disconnect the sensor board then reconnect it making sure the connector cable is fully seated, (make sure you turn off the phone first and probably disconnect the battery as well before doing this).

On the subject of the sensors, I wondered if you or anyone else has utilized the other expansion boards? For instance I want to see the GPS board work, and NFC but I don’t see how I can check if they’re working while attached to the phone. Am I supposed to upload some program for the Duino board itself? And if so does anyone have something to use? I feel silly that I’ve got these expansion boards and can’t use some.
I’ve successfully used the LED matrix and the color LED strip. Works great for detecting high/low temps and changes in lighting.

As far as I remember someone else had the same problem.
First: turn off and unplug the battery.
Then connect the sensor boards, last the battery.
Finished! Start your phone!

Thanks for the advice,

I tried the above but without success.
Is there a way to check through the serial console to see if the hardware is connected?

Yesterday I tried with the examples provide by the arduino ide but no luck with any of the modules.
I tried other flex cables, my second gsm module, different sensors, but no luck.

Next thing I can try is with an arduino uno and use the contacts in stead of the flex cable.
Will be something for the weekend i guess.

Hi, boone.daniel
You want to use the rephone kit to your own sensors? The sensor Tab on the dashboard of rephone is for the Xadow Basic Sensor. Do you have tried to connect the Xadow Basic Sensor? It can’t display value of sensor?