Test Plan

I’m working on a project I’m now bring in to production hopefully with Seeed.
I’m a new comer to Seeeds manufacturing services.
My first questions:
I’m putting together my test plan and I’m going to need a test jig/board for testing and flashing.
Is this some thing I build myself and then ship to Seeed?
Do I need to provide all equipment? If so to what extent (PC)?


Hi ,
It depends. you can choose to prepare the jigs yourself or we can help to make it for you according to your requirements. When you hand your project to us, we will have an engineer to follow your project particularly and such issues will be decided according to your communication.


Should I just finish my test plan ( a first draft) and then discuss with the engineer who and how the jig should be made later? I do not yet have a test jig circuit design or any test software/firmware.


Please send your e-mail and request to shuyang@seeedstudio.com. i will help you offline