Test Bluetooth Bee on a Mac

I bought a Seeeduino Stalker and a Bluetooth Bee and I’m testing these “little toys for big boys” :wink: To program Seeeduino I bought an UartSBee V3.1 too.

Now I wanna test the bluetooth via Terminal on my Mac to try some bluetooth module commands, but I can’t do that.
Using “screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A100eFmp 38400” I can connect to the module but I receive “ERROR” from everything I text next.

If I reset the module while I’m connected, I receive

but next, only ERROR

Can you help me?

Another question: can I connect uart to seeeduino with bt bee on top? Can I use both together?

Thanks to everyone!


You can get more on how to use Bluetooth Bee by searching in the forum.
Here is the link:

The critical part is to ensure you have sent the right command to the module and it is
successfully received.

Another question:
The module must be unplugged from the stallker when you program to the stallker, as they
are using the same hardware serial port.

May this helpful to you, and please free to ask any question.

All the best,


I read all these stuff but I working on a Mac so I can’t use sscom32.exe

After a lot of searching, I found a simple serial port terminal application that allow me to “test” BTbee “by hand”.
This tool is CoolTerm (freeware.the-meiers.org/).

I attached to this post my configuration.
With this, every command I wanna send to the bt module is something like this
CoolTerm sends CR+LF every time I press the return button on my keyboard and “local echo” allow me to track every command I send to the module. It’s very simple working like this. On a Mac.

Thanks for all!
Schermata 2010-09-30 a 13.01.19.png

Hi Alessandro,

Have you made it success?

Try to use CR option instead of CR+LF.



Yes! With this configuration I can manage the BT module from my Mac.
CR+LF is correct.

The situation is that
Mac > USB cord > UartSBee (with switch on position 3v3) > BTBee

with CoolTerm configured like in the previous post.

Hey Alessandro,
I’m trying to setup this as well on Mac with coolterm. I cannot get the bluetooth to be discoverable by my mac. Did you set it up as a slave? If so can you let me know what commands you gave it???

To be discovered, first you have to set the bt bee as SLAVE, with command \r\n+STWMOD:0\r\n, and next allow it to be visible, with command \r\n+INQ=1\r\n

great think i got it working. Do you have to set inquiry every time you start?

Yes, at every start

Hi there,

You just need sending command “\r\n+STAUTO=1\r\n” one time,
then Bluetooth Bee will be auto-connected with your PC without setting “\r\n+INQ=1” every time it starts up.