Terrarium controled by Linkit ONE

HI here is my new project :

controle my terrarium with Linkit ONE:

-control the water in the tank (if to low switch all water tools off)----------------------------------in progress
-control the humidity (if over 70% switch foger off )-----------------------------------------------ok
-control light (switch light on at 6h00 and off at 23h00)--------------------------------------------ok
-control Temp (if under 30°C switch heaters on if over 35°C switch off)----------------------------ok
-control Heater (if temp over 45°C switch off under 30°C switch on)-------------------------------ok
-control rain (set the rain interval to 2h raining delay to 2 min)-------------------------------------ok
-control LCD (2 lcd displays to show infos)---------------------------------------------------------ok
-SD Data logger------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ok
-html display page (show infos in Auto and in Manu mode switch different outputs )----------------in progress

1* Linkit ONE
1* Grove shield
2* I2C LCD Display 204
Temperature and Humidity Sensor Model:SEN11301P
2* Temperature Sensor
1* IR Distance Interrupter
5* Screw Terminal Model: COM12533P
1* Tinty RTC Clock I2C
1* Relais board I2C (my board with Pcf8574)
1* SD card 16GB (for Data logger)

-Wifi stop some times
-can`t switch from auto to manu from html
-in Manu mode after bp is clicked -> page reload -> Output is Set -> page show old stats
-all values must be change in the sketch (later over html)

i hope you like :wink:
eagle.zip (1.02 MB)
Terrarium_new_V0.62.zip (7.34 KB)
libraries.zip (77.1 KB)

Nice project!
There’s such a fish tank in Seeed office, see if someday I can make it our and place there.

One more question, will you share it to Recipe(seeedstudio.com/recipe/) let more guys to make one?

yes i can share it later (at version 1.0)

at the moment i try to kill last bugs in the sketch

i have a big problem with the wifi connection it is not stable

after x time i can`t reconnect to server

Dear Kevin,

I saw you post this as a recipe on the web.

Now we are giving away Rainbow Cubes, can you send an e-mail to recipe@seeed.cc so that we can discuss more details about this ?