Temporary Marine Vessel monitoring system

We are looking to build a temporary marine vessel monitoring system. It has to meet the following hardware requirements;

  1. Stand Alone (Can’t use existing vessel system)
  2. Expandable upto 20 different spaces to monitor.
  3. Monitor Fire and Flooding as applicable to the space.
  4. Wired
  5. 2 displays with audible and visual alerts.

I was considering using XIAO CAN Bus Expansion Board for each module. Have either the smoke dector and if applicable the flooding sensor attached to the XIAO. The system would be supplied with 24v through the CAT6 cable and stepped down at each module to 5v. (thinking small pelican type case that can store the sensors inside when not in use along with back-up battery)

Software Requirements -

  1. Has to work
  2. Plug and play
  3. Hearbeat from modules
  4. GUI that allows to easily see which module is alarming or faulting.

Software Nice to Have

  1. Be able to upload General Arrangment of vessel and assign modules to spaces.

I’m open to ideas for other hardware as no componets have been ordered.

Hi there,
Yes that would be a perfect application for the CAN buss , ESP32C3 is plenty of juice but I would use the Xiao BLE as it’s more mature IMO has more space… If you don’t use the WiFi, You can however have BLE and an app to program or connect to each sensor local for Configuration outside of the BUS if needed.
What are the Smoke and Flood sensor spec’s ? I would start there, since you know the Topology your using.
The rest is not difficult at all SEEED has you covered tech wise forsure.
Are you using POE for the Supplies? or batteries for backup?
On Network failure , what’s your plan to get the alarms? BLE?, WiFi?
How long is the farthest Drop?
Lots of questions… :grinning:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks for the reply. The battery would be just for back-up and setting up/programming the location. BLE would be perfect for this. I need to figure out the best way to run the wires, as most vessels have steel walls and doors, short of proping the door open.
Haven’t decieded on Smoke or fooding sensor yet. May just be a float switch and MQ2 Smoke sensor.

Longest drop is a tough one. These will most likely be daisychained together so not more than 100 ft. As far as network failure, I was thinking of using a heartbeat, if there has not been a heartbeat in 5 mins or so, then the trouble light on the two displays shows up for that module and you go fix it or replace it.