Temperature Sensor Conversion in Logo


I am using the Grove Sensor Set V3.7. I am creating a web app that would read the values coming in from the temperature sensor via a gogoboard. It seems that the value that I get from the temperature sensor is in the 600-700 range. I would like to convert this to degrees (Celsius and Fahrenheit) but I cannot seem to find a conversion formula. The gogo board runs Logo code so I would need a conversion that would work in Logo.


Hi, Erin
I don’t know if you still need our help to solve your problem. Due to the lack of information provided by you, we can’t judge your situation. For example, you can provide the specific temperature sensor model or the SKU number of the product.
600-700 is not a room temperature reading in centigrade or Fahrenheit. In addition, if you can describe the hardware used in the project in more detail, it will be more helpful for us to help you solve the problem.
I’m really sorry that it took so long to respond to you.

Hello HaiXu,

Thank you for your response. I was unable to find for one of the sensor kits but I have 2 different ones if that’s helpful. I was able to find the SKU number for one of them. Additionally I included a picture of my setup and SKU of the entire kit.


Here is the setup

Here is the SKU for the other sensor set I have

Hi, Erin_Carvalho
I’m really sorry, SKU 114991567 has been removed from our system because the time has passed too long. But I still hope to help you solve the problem further. I need you to take a picture of the device connection so that we can see which hardware you are using and how they are connected. In addition, you need to provide the source program. You can send the picture and source program to the following e-mail address: