Temperature/humidity sensors

Hi All,

I want to monitor temperature and humidity on the rooms of my house.
I’ve Cat.6 cables that can be used to connect sensors.
I want to monitor all centrally, using Raspberry.
The maximum cable length is around 10 meters.
I’ve tried with DHT22, but I’ve some instabilities (perhaps they are not connected properly).
Do you suggest something?

Thank you!

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@giacomo the DHT22 is one that I have used for multiple projects and seems to yield successful for me.
How are you wiring it up?

A good substitute for this would be the SHT31, located here:

Thanks for answering.
I have connected to 5V power of Raspberry, with a pull-up to 3V at sensor side, made with a divider from the 5V.
How you connected it?
The SHT31 is over I2C, so I assume it does not cover 10 meters of cable length.


I have the DHT22 pinned directly to a breadboard on the Raspberry Pi that is being powered by the 5V rail, and am using the library found here:

However, the DHT22 I use is a module that is soldered onto a chip and uses a 3 pin connection to the GPIO headers.

So powered at 5V without any pull-up?