Temp sensor stop working when Fan is running


I have the Azure Grove Kit with RaspberryPi 3. I have the Temp&Humi Sensor on port D2 and Mini I2C Motor Driver with 1 Fan on port I2C2 (like https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/AzureGroveKit)

Temp&Humi sensor is working fine with output send to Azure IoT Hub. Though when the fan is started, the Temp&Humi sensor stops working. At the same time on the GrovePi board the red led marked with RST (next to the green PWR led) starts flickering. When the fan is stopped, the flickering of the RST led stops and the Temp&Humi sensor starts working again. Maybe it’s because of too low power, though I’m using the default RaspberryPi adapter with 2.5A. Any suggestions?



Hi there:

You can power the mini i2c motor independently and then test it

Hi there, i would suggest to power the mini fan with other power source and see if the system works well. thanks.

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