Technical Drawing CAN-BUS V2

I am looking for a AutoCAD drawing, or 3D model, of the CAN-BUS Shield V2. I want to use it in a wire diagram and a layout for a test box.

Hi there,

we do not have the autocad/3d drawing this moment, I talked to product manager and she will find resource to generate one.

here is the temporary solution. thanks.

  1. the board has the same shape as arduino uno. so you can refer to arduino uno cad file as attached.

  2. the difference is the DB9 interface, you can refer to db9 interface dimension from below picture.

Hi there,

here is the drawing. I also updated the wiki. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … A0V2.0.pdf”> SHIELD V2.0.pdf</LINK_TEXT>


i have found this information may they’ll help you - Fritzing Tutorial - A Beginners Guide to Making Circuit & Wiring Diagrams - YouTube