TECH - Why AT Commands on Serial Port?

I want to use Js or Lua, but my serial Port only respond on an AT command with ok…
Are there more AT commands to open the js or Lua Terminal?
BTW: I’m using the RePhone Module

You are addressing the modem port with your requests, am I right?
Don’t expect too much from a modem!

Try on the other port, also: … FW_CMD.gsp

@dbelam, as I already mentioned in neighbour thread, I’ve similar problem with “ports” :slight_smile: There is modem in one port and tons of binary crap in another. Doesn’t looks like debug port, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

same problem here, on the second port i only get garbled output. I already made a post about this, and the suggestion was to re-flash the firmware. It didn’t work, later this week i will retry.

How do you “reflashed” the firmware? Using MTK’s Firmware updater windows program (that is coming with LinkIt SDK and with ArduinoIDE_For_RePhone), or just putting another VXP file?

i had to use a windows pc to flash it. The instructions are here

Ok. Then, probably, you’re really “reflashed”, and this is a bit strange, that it doesn’t help with debug-port issue (all the time I heard, seeedstudio members says that upgrade must be done to achieve that) :neutral_face:

So, then we need some seeedstudio team members here, in the thread to comments about the situation with ports :confused:

P.S. I’ve noticed, that there is “two ways” of upgrade mentioned, but only one is described. And, somewhy, I doubt they meant API method, that @dbelam noticed me in neighbour thread :wink: