(TECH) Using Linkit ONE with RePhone Core


From my research the Linkit ONE is the same chipset as the Rephone and I was hoping to use the Arduino IDE with Linkit ONE libs and toolchain to compile VXPs for the Rephone. Are they completely compatible or am I going down the wrong route?

(You can install the LinkIt ONE libs/toolchain via the arduino IDE on OS X so this would open up the possibility of easy developing on non-Windows systems.)


Linkit ONE is the same chipset as the Rephone, but it is totally different between their firmware, and the hardware is not the same too. For example, the Linkit ONE use SIM1, but Rephone use SIM2, so I don’t think Arduino IDE for Linkit ONE can compile VXPs for the Rephone.

Just wondering why build another firmware for the same SOC. Can you just build a firmware flexible enough that you only modify small parts of it to suit the needs of the next hardware revision? Using this you don’t need to build another set of libraries which makes deployment easier.