(TECH) use FastLED Library with Rephone via Xadow Duino


I want to use an LED library (I’m thinking fast LED) to control some LEDs connected to a Xadow Duino, connected to a rephone. I would like to control my lights via the rephone, with the arduino IDE.

Can I just use the example code directly and upload to the rephone?



Hi Kathryn,
The Xadow Duino is similarly to Arduino Leonardo that the core is ATmega32u4, i think you can use the FastLed library and example. But there is a MOSFET switch on pin VLED, don’t forget to open it when use this pin to supply power.
And then you need to care about the communicate protocol between Xadow Duino and RePhone. Maybe you need to add more commands to control more variety led string.

I’m having trouble comunicating between the rephone and the xadow duino.

I had assumed I should basically use something like the Wire library on the xadow duino to listen for communication from the rephone and then change the lights based on that, but I can’t use the wire library - I get the error “fatal error: variant.h: No such file or directory”. Is there another way I should be doing the I2C communication with the rephone? I can’t find examples of it, I just see that its address is 0x23.