(Tech) USB broke off... fix?

Dear all,
when removing the plug from my rephone kit, the whole port came off. So, no charging, no playing no nothing, as the last action was booting into the blink example :wink:

How can I fix this? How is the port fixed to the rephone Xadowv2 board? Glued or soldered? I have the impression there are two little metal pieces on the side that define the position and two metal fields below that had been soldered to the port. The five lines are SMD in the back.
I would be interested to know of the metal fields below the USB port are other than just ground?

If not, it would make sense to solder hte port to the little metal fields and then, once this is fixed, to solder the five pieces in the back by just heating the port. Correct?

As far as know, all the metal fields of the USB port is ground except the five line.
May be the eagle files can help you

Send a clear photo of the damage - both what is on the USB and what’s left on the board.
But I don’t really think it could be recovered :frowning:
The nearby pins are waaaay too small to hand-solder.

And the pins: GND EXRA_PIN DATA DATA 5V.
If you can solder the 5V and GND, you will be able to (at least) charge.

Well, you describe my guess. Actually your and my estimate gives me some freedom.
From “likely you have to buy a new xadow module” to “you surely have to buy a new xadow module” is not so much of a loss, so I just have to try.

Unfortunately it broke off after my first try of putting an utterly useless sketch on the rephone. So without change it is basically bricked. That strongly increases my motivation to go for a complete fix. My hope is that by putting the plug in place and heating instead of doing the normal soldering technique I will be able to avoid the tin from the pins forming short circuits.


Years ago, when iPhone was pretty nonexistent, I had a PDA phone, and I had to resolder the mini-usb port and the 2.5" jack. The sad thing when a port is ripped, the wires break so, that it’s practically impossible to resolder: you must scratch down the antisolder layer carefully and add some extra copper.
I think the best would be using thin insulated wire (you know, what’s used in headphone cables, copper with some layer on it) and use some liquid solder flux with a hot air gun, and finally adding an external usb port, not resoldering on the board. Way too small.