(TECH) Touchscreen Xadow connection clarifications

Hey all, I’m just wondering about a clarification.

On the Wiki page for the touchscreen ( seeedstudio.com/wiki/Xadow_1 … ouchscreen ) the connectors are described as:

So, is the “audio” side of the screen really just for audio only? And must the other side be connected only directly to the cellphone module? Are there pins that aren’t passed-through the LCD, or is that merely talking specifically about and labeled for the “RePhone”-specific use of that screen?

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#A look at the datasheet would give you clarity… why people can’t do that on your own?

Look at the attachment and post the answer at your own question…

I’m no expert, but to me the included attachment appears to show that it’s a simple pass-through, and thus the labels were designed for RePhone Kit clarity and not as a limitation.

Maybe I was asking for clarification because I wasn’t an expert, and I thought these are meant to be helpful forums…RTFM isn’t a smart or helpful answer, it’s just a demonstration of an attitude.

Have a nice day.

Hi Adam,

For clarification, all the modules with dual 35Pin connectors, such as Xadow 1.54’’ touchscreen, Xadow Audio and Xadow GSM Breakout, they all have to be connected in the right orientation, check the following image:

The Xadow 1.54’’ touchscreen does not have unfilled corner, so instead you can regard the “phone” side as the starting end.

So the Xadow GSM+BLE has to be connected on the “phone” side, while the Xadow Audio and Xadow GSM Breakout are more flexible, and does not have to be on the “audio” side.