(TECH) Screen drawing problems with Lua

Hey there!

I’m using the Lua SDK on a Mac and am using the Lua project as a starting point, building and deploying the demo project just fine.

I’ve successfully added some tcp functionality and a few other things, but I can’t seem to get the screen to work :confused:

Touches are fine, and I’ve create my own event handlers and are capturing all the different touch events.

But I can’t draw anything to the Display Screen without RePhone crashing.

When I run my program, RePhone comes on, the backlight comes on slightly but if I try to use any of the functions contained in screen.c, the RePhone crashes and the red light comes on before shortly restarting.

I’ve added a load of fputs(“here\n”, stdout) all over the place to see where the code is exiting and I can see that the screens initialising functions all seem to be running ok.

But the minute I try and call anything like screen_set_brightness() or screen_rectangle() my program crashes.

Part of my problem is I can’t seem to debug errors like I can in the Windows Eclipse environment so I’m not sure what’s going on, so maybe could tell me how to do this - but my main question is if you know what’s going on?

Anybody else had the same issues or could help me?