(TECH) Questions about the 1.54" touchscreen

Is there some documentation or example code I could look that will tell me how to draw to the RePhone Kit screen?

Also, will Is there a library or will there be a library for using this 1.54" screen connected to the Edison in the Xadow wearable kit?

Hi davidebliss,

You can find related documentation about all the RePhone Modules on the RePhone Wiki Page here , the page also includes links to different development environment like Eclipse IDE and Arduino IDE.

Say, if you’ve downloaded the Arduino IDE, you can find the example codes in the libraries (Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries).

BTW, the RePhone modules, which are the Xadow v2, they have got different interface connectors from the Xadow v1 as well as the Xadow Edison, so they are not compatible at the moment, we are thinking about building an adapter for this.

Chao Zhang