(TECH) Location of the new VXP file

When i wrote a program (i.e. the sample HelloWorld program in wiki) using eclipse, after clicking the “Build application” button, where is the VXP file generated in the RePhone?

I tried to view the 5MB disk of the board, i could not find the HelloWorld vxp file. If I put autostart.txt and run the rephone kit create v6.4, my HelloWorld program will not run, it will directly jump to the vxp indicated by autostart.txt, instead of running my HelloWorld vxp. If i removed the autostart.txt, my HelloWorld program will then run.

May i know what is the boot sequence? Why my “RePhone Kit Create V6.4 VXP” is not replaced with my “HelloWorld VXP” after “Build Application” in Eclipse? How and where is my HelloWorld VXP located in the board (as I cannot locate it in the 5MB disk, there must me some place stored my HelloWorld VXP)? And, how do i build applications that designed like “RePhone Kit Create V6.4 VXP” that i could store the binary in the 5MB disk?



Building and running an application will overwrite the main flash - so no wonder you can’t find it on the 5MB flash part.
You should check the PC’s build folder for vxp files.

And for detailed boot process: the linkit documentation has cool charts. It’s long, but I suggest reading the SoC, SDK and board documentation before doing bigger projects then a sample application.

Thanks for your reply. So how big is my main flash? Can i repartition my main flash and the 5MB disk, so that i can expand the 5MB disk to use up the main flash and put my VXP in the new disk?

Thanks for your help.

Well, I am still reading all the documentation, so can’t answer the partitioning question, but it’s probably hardcoded/hardwired, I don’t really expect taht it can be resized.
But what I found in the documentation already: The Runtime launches VXP executable file after the firmware completes the bootup procedure. After uploading your LinkIt Assist 2502 application using the Uploader tool, a new text file will be created in the system partition of the development board which is named autostart.txt. The content of this file is the filename of the LinkIt Assist 2502 application (VXP filename).

Hi, I am aware of this paragraph in the Developer’s Guide, but this contradicts my observations (as stated in the first thread). When i upload the application by pressing the “Build Application” button in Eclipse, there is no VXP file created in the 5MB disk, also no autostart.txt created. However, the program seems run no problem in the device, so i wonder where is the VXP file and the autostart.txt really located in.

This is how it’s intended :slight_smile:
The section I copied is about another tool, not the eclipse plugin.

Hi, where can you find the mentioned “another tool”? I only just found pushtool.exe for uploading applications (.vxp), and the eclipse plugin also use this as a upload tool. I can’t find another tool(s) for uploading application to the 5MB disk mentioned in the developer’s guide.

Well I didn’t have time to look for that uploader tool, and I don’t really feel the urge to use that instead of the standard build method, but I would search here at the seed studio linkit assist project.