(TECH) Linkit GSM examples in Eclipse fail for me

I am able to run many of the Linkit Assist 2502 examples in my Eclipse environment for the RePhone. I have the Network_HTTP example working just fine with a SIM card, and I know what my APN settings need to be. Since I can send http GET packets just fine, I know that my SIM card is working with my RePhone.

However, when I try to run any non-HTTP based GSM examples, like Network_BSD_TCPClient, the examples never succeed in attaching to the GSM network. The ‘bearer’ callback returns the VM_BEARER_WOULDBLOCK when I try to establish the connection using GSM, and functions like socket() subsequently return failed (negative) values. Even if I wait after the VM_EVENT_CELL_INFO_CHANGE event has happened in the application (due to a vm_gsm_cell_get_current_cell_info() call), and I can query to see valid values for the cell info, the SIM status, SMS readiness, etc. - the vm_bearer_open() call still returns WOULDBLOCK, and its callback returns WOULDBLOCK.

Has anybody gotten any of the non-http networking examples to work?

We are having this same problem. Did you find a solution?



TCPAsync Client example worked for me. I was able to send Get requests without any problems. Just used the example code, ofcourse had to change APN setting.

Let me know if I can help.