(TECH) limited success with alternate LiPo batteries

I cannot get an alternative LiPo battery (to the one which came with my rephone kit) to be useful. I have some of these, 1100mAh batteries:

aliexpress.com/item/103040-3 … 58937.html

which I connected with the appropriate JST connector found here

aliexpress.com/item/20SETS-M … 00303.html

The rephone boots up and runs with the battery just fine; but if the battery is left plugged into the rephone, while the rephone is plugged into a USB cable which is providing charging power overnight, the battery puffs up slightly, making it seem like there is a charging failure. The battery voltage is measurable at 3.0 (or slightly lower) at that point, and cannot power the rephone. This has happened with 2 of the 5 batteries I have tested so far.

Has anybody had any success with a particular LiPo battery, where success is defined as “discharging with rephone [not plugged into USB] until rephone stops, then charging via rephone+USB connected until fully charged again, repeatedly”? Specific links to batteries and actual examples would be appreciated. “any LiPo will work” answers aren’t as helpful, because clearly, I’ve found at least 1 instance of one which does not.

I wouldn’t blame the rephone first, maybe you just had bad luck with some lipo cells.
But you said the lipo cells got Puffy: I would log the cell voltages during charge, maybe the rephone overcharged it, or used too high current (almost impossible)