(TECH) Issues when flashing - Win7 32bit

Hi there,
After the initial excitement of the RePhone I got rather stuck when I tried to flash code to it using the arduino IDE. I’m on a 32bit Win7 machine, all COM ports show up fine and all RePhone modes seem to be working correctly.
I am, however, unable to flash anything from the Arduino IDE - nor can I flash the device using the packaged flashing tool.

The Arduino IDE seems to timeout, the progress bar starts to fill up but then gets stuck at ‘uploading to device’ and disappears. The behaviour is very similar to what @bconstructive said here http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=6592&p=23523&hilit=alcatel#p23523 - apart from the fact that I’m using a 32bit system instead of a 64 bit. I’m also seeing the device pop up as an Alcatel Single RNDIS Interface when powered down completely.

By mistake I uploaded some code using the arduino IDE to the wrong COM port once (Modem instead of Debug) - I’m hoping that this hasn’t bricked my RePhone module?

Thanks for any ideas that might solve the issue.

Hi @dries.deroeck. First off, I don’t think you bricked your RePhone. I did the same thing(tried to program the Rephone with the Arduino IDE, before successfully flashing it) and mine did the same. Once I was able to flash it the device worked fine.

For me it was the “Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\drivers\mtk\Win7\usb2ser_Win764.inf” file that did the job.
For you it could be the “Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\drivers\mtk\Win7\usb2ser_Win7.inf”.

In my case. In device manager I found the device. Alcatel… Right clicked it in the tree. Selected Update driver software. Chose browse my computer for driver software. Instead of choosing browse for driver software I chose “let me pick for a list of device drivers on my computer”. In the next pop-up window clicked the “have disk” button. In the “Install from Disk” window I browsed to the "“Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\drivers\mtk\Win7\usb2ser_Win764.inf” file(usb2ser_Win7.inf for you?) Then click OK.

That’s what finally did it for me. Hope it works for you too. Remember to have driver signatures disabled when working on this.

And of course when doing the above. The rephone is connected to battery and OFF. When USB is plugged in the red led is ON. This is also the way flashing with the Firmware goes.

Run the firmwareupdater.exe without the rephone connected to usb and in off state.
Click the green arrow. Rephone still not connected to usb and off.
Then connect usb and it should automatically start flashing. Sometime right away. Maybe 20 seconds.

Hope this helps. Good luck.