(TECH) Is the battery using JST Connector ?

Can’t find the connector type in the neighboring hobby shop.

Wiki page doesnt say anything either , googled around and found a instructable link but not sure if its right


Yes, JST1.0 Connector

I’m struggling to find any batteries that use a JST 1.0 mm connector. Can someone please post a link to one where I could hopefully order it for delivery in the USA? I’ve received my Xadow GSM/BLE and I’m excited to play with it, but I can’t power it right now.

Hi Kevin11,

You should be looking for something like this. (please see the following link)

seeedstudio.com/depot/index. … opl_id=555

same question; does Seeedstudio sells a battery with a connector compatible with this very small connector ?

They are not available at the moment, sorry about this.

I found and purchased a couple of 150 mAh batteries with the JST 1.0 connectors at Tiny-Circuits.com. I also purchased the tiny circuit boards that allows me to charge the batteries, which I’ve done. However, when I plug the battery into the Xadow GSM+BLE and try to turn it on, nothing happens. When I plug in the USB cable, the LED light comes on, but not when I’m just on battery. Can you tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if I have a bad board? Thanks.

Hi Kevin11,

when you plug in the USB cable, is the battery connected at the same time? And whats the color the the LED indicator?


Can I use these JST connectors with GSM+BLE module?

aliexpress com /item/1SET-10-Pair10cm-Male-Female-JST-Connector-Plug-for-RC-Plane-Li-Po-Battery-Free-Shipping/32356384894.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_6,searchweb201644_4_79_78_77_82_80_62_81,searchweb201560_5

For example, solder them to any suitable Lipo battery which I have in place. Thanks in advance.

Hi userxp, you can do that if you want, simply solder it to the Pin 3(Vcc) and Pin 6(GND)

I went ahead and bought a battery from Tiny-Circuits.com as well since that is the only place I could find a battery with the correct connector…unfortunately I seem to be running into the exact same problem.

When I plug the battery in I get no lights regardless of whether I hold the power button down or not. If I plug the micro usb connector in with the battery the LED just stays red. I’ve kept it plugged in in that state for a couple hours hoping it and after unplugging everything and plugging the battery back in I still don’t get any lights or activity.

A little frustrating because I can’t even use it until I get this power situation figured out…would’ve been nice if a battery wasn’t required (instead of it just drawing power off the 5v line from the USB cable). Eventually to try and get something working I’ll solder power onto VCC and GND but I have to wrangle up a 3.5 ~ 4.2V supply since I want to use a SIM card.

Hi, simply search for JST 1.0 connector (it’s very cheap and is sold in many places) and use LiPo accumalator with proper mAh (even RC “monsters” with thousands of mAh). GSM module (without display) will last days or weeks in this setup.

That’s a fine idea…but I already have a lithium battery with the proper connector included and it doesn’t work. As of now I don’t have any reason to believe buying another random battery will work either.