(tech)install LinkIt Assist SDK on win10

i want to install eclipse + linkit sdk on a windows 10 system
the eclipse indigo installation works correct
but when i try to install LinkIt Assist SDK
i have different problems

eclipse shows this in console info
“Failed to locate LinkIt Assist SDK 2.0, please reinstall the SDK.”
the subdirectory LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK exists

any idea ?


Hi, for work in Windows 10 with SDK 2.0.46 i found this solution:

  1. Copy all files of MediaTek_LinkIt_Assist_2502_SDK_2_0_46.zip in the folder of eclipse root exp.: " *\eclipse\LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2 0 46"

2)Copy the files site in " *\eclipse\LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2 0 46\LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK\eclipse plugin"
to: " *\eclipse\plugins"

3)Add the environment variable to windows (from advanced system settings) :
name: LinkItSDK20
variable value: *\eclipse\LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2 0 46\LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK(with complete address before of \eclipse)

4)Install driver from: " *\eclipse\LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2 0 46\LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK\Driver.InstallMTKUSBCOMPortDriver.exe

  1. Reboot the system and try

The link to source on Mediatek Forum please :wink: