(TECH) - drawing images to touchscreen

Hi There.

Early days, but looking like an awesome product and community!

My question: How do I draw an image to the touch screen?

Do I need to implement my own method of drawing individual pixel data using the draw_point() method - or is there something existing for drawing bitmap data that I’ve missed?

Obviously the out of the box demo app that comes pre-installed has some icons. Can you show us how this is done please :slight_smile:

Many thanks!!!


…in answer to my own question:

I’ve just spotted that the graphic library uGUI is included in the RePhone_Create_Source_Code on github.

There’s a UG_DrawBMP method as well as a bunch of Image functions like UG_ImageCreate at the bottom of the file, so I’ll investigate these and post back.

If anybody else has examples in the meantime, please post too!



Hi Jon,

I was just wondering if you were able to have success displaying images (240 x 240 bitmaps) to the rephone touchscreen?

I’m using the Arduino IDE and would love to have a solution for this. Drawing lines, boxes, and changing background colors ain’t gonna cut it for me, I needs images! lol

There is example of displaying on lcd both Arduino IDE and eclipse
Arduino: …\Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries\LDisplay

@jianzhang.su - yup, I’ve seen LDisplay but I can’t see any image drawing functions in there.

Am I missing something obvious? Sorry!