(TECH) Auto Poewr On


is tehre a way, that module would be auto-powered on - when battery (or powersupply) connected to VCC (VBAT?). The problem is, that acording to schema, power input of processor is only on tiny button - this is bit unusable, when I want to have module in bigger box.

Thank you

It dont look like there is i’ve been trying to find out myself aswell

Maybe can use api " vm_pwr_scheduled_startup" in file “vmpwr.h”.
This interface will set device auto power on option.

I’ll also look into this.

I was reading on the manule the system has 3 ways to power on.

  1. Pushing Button
  2. When a USB at the correct voltage
  3. Pulling PWRBB high

How do you pull the PWRBB high?

This is from the MT2502 PDF

1.1.1 STRUP PMU handles the power-on and off of the handset. If the battery voltage is neither in the UVLO state (VBAT ≥3.4V) nor in the thermal condition, there are three methods to power on the handset system: pulling PWRKEY low (the user pushes PWRKEY), pulling PWRBB high (baseband BB_WakeUp) or valid charger plug-in


According to this document: seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/ … e_v1_1.pdf

Page 34, module starts, but waits for firmware update… Not waityng only 10 secs, but forewer… :frowning:

How one could change the behaviour?