(TECH)arduinoprogram demolition

i upload the rephone audio example
copy the file music.mp3
then i start the program
the program is working
it is a endless loop

but after different repeats - 5 to 10 or more
the program stops

after a reset
the same result

an idea ?


Hi, I have tested for 30 mins and don’t find any wrong.
Is there any change in your code? and what’s the firmware version of your board?

thanks for your answer
so i make a lot of tests
but every times the same - the audio stops

it is the original audio example without a change
i changed one time the music.mp3, but the same happends
with and also without usb connect
my mp3 length is 6 sec

if i start the serial monitor
i see that the audio stops - no new messages
and i can start it again with key 1


Audio paly can be interrupted by other task, for example a voice call.
Maybe you need check the audio status, and add the condition to resume play or restart.
There is the description about audio status in file “vmaudio.h”, from line 107 to 117.